How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Knife

starfish wedding cake 4The use of the wedding cake knife stems from a tradition that originates from the ancient Roman Empire, although a knife was not used in those days. Instead, a loaf of bread is broken by the groom over the head of his bride.

The use of a knife is a variation from the past but the symbolism of the cake remains the same. Thus, hundreds of wedding cake knife and server set designs are available on the market today. But though their presence ensures that you would not run out of options, they also make the choice more confusing. In order to select the right set for you, there are some considerations that you need to take.

First would be the theme. Think about the kind of wedding theme that you have before purchasing a wedding cake knife. The specifics of your theme should always be your initial consideration for the knife design. You should also consider the kind of wedding cake that you have. Its colors, decorations, flowers, and other accessories installed on the cake should be complementary with the design of your cake knife.

rustic theme weddingWedding knives are priced differently so you should decide on the amount you are going to spend. The price ranges from 20 dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the design and quality of the knife set.

The key is in finding the best quality set that is within your budget range. You can do some research first in order to arrive to a good decision. Go through bridal magazines, online sites and catalogs and get any set that is appropriate for you. From these, pick the one that you like best.

A wedding cake knife is also made in different shapes. The kind of shape will determine the kind of server that you should buy.

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By: Leo Nelson